Refunds and withdrawals for International students

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If we are unable to deliver a course or cannot continue to deliver a course, we will offer you a place in an alternative Chisholm course. If you choose not to accept a place in a new Chisholm course, you must indicate in writing your choice to withdraw by completing the International Students – Withdrawal/Refund form

Deferral, suspension and cancellation

If you wish to defer, cancel or suspend your enrolment, you must refer to Chisholm guidelines. Your request must be made in writing and by the due date.


Under Department of Immigration and Border Protection regulations, you must stay with your principal provider until you complete at least the first six months of your principal course. For packaged offers, the principal course is the highest qualification.

Withdrawals and transfers are only approved in extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis. Where a withdrawal or transfer is approved, the administration fee will be refunded.

Chisholm will not allow students to transfer to another provider within the first six months of their principal course under the following circumstances:

  • The student’s course progress will be significantly disadvantaged by transfer to another provider.
  • The student has changed their mind and wishes to study another course.
  • The transfer is to studies of a lower level, unless it is assessed that the lower level is to the academic benefit of the student.
  • Where the student has a debt to Chisholm.
  • Where Chisholm believes the transfer will be detrimental to the student.
  • Where Chisholm is of the view that the student is trying to avoid being reported to DIBP for failure to meet attendance or academic progress requirements.
  • The Request for Release Letter form is received after 15 February in semester 1 or after 15 June in semester 2.
  • The student is applying for a course of study that is available at Chisholm.
  • If the student is under 18 and there is no written evidence that the student’s parent or nominated relative/custodian supports the transfer, and/or there is no written confirmation that the new provider will accept responsibility (and the date thereof) for approving a student’s accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements.
  • Where the request is based on the location of accommodation and/or employment.

Where a letter of release has been approved, the student must complete an International Students – Withdrawal/Refund form. Refund of any relevant fees will be processed according to International Student – Fees and Refunds Policy for Students.

Change of intake

If you are a commencing student and you change your intake for any reason, you must pay the fee applicable for the revised intake.

Course delays due to failure in a prerequisite course will be treated as a change in intake (for example if you require additional ELICOS, which does not allow you to commence the vocational course, course fees will be charged at the new rate).

If you wish to defer to a later intake, you must notify International Student Programs in writing before the commencement date. We will send you a new Letter of Offer advising you of the new program commencement date, subject to program availability.

A place may be deferred for a maximum of six months or the next intake for the relevant course.

If you defer your intake, any monies paid to accept the program will be retained as a deposit. If, after changing intake, you give written notice that you do not intend to take up your place, the refund provisions outlined in this policy apply.

Change of course within Chisholm

If you are given approval to change your course within Chisholm, you will need to pay an AUD$250 administration fee. Restrictions on changing courses apply.

Repeating units

Additional fees are payable if you are repeating a unit of study. Fees are charged at the regular per semester fee rate, or at a rate of total hours multiplied by AUD$14, whichever is the smaller fee. For some units you may also need to pay an additional materials fee and this is subject to change.

Repeating units of study is not automatic and is subject to our course progression requirements, the Education Services for Overseas Students Act and the National Code. You need to be aware that restrictions apply to student visa holders extending their time of study.

As a condition of student visas, students must have sufficient funds to pay fees and support their living expenses while studying in Australia.


The refund policy QMS 115 applies to all Chisholm international students. An administration fee of $250 may apply. Requests for refunds must be made within six months of the event occasioning the refund. Homestay and airport pickup payments are non-refundable unless your visa has been refused.

Where the materials fees are published separately from the tuition fee and you have commenced study for the relevant period, the material fee is generally not refundable if materials have been allocated to you by the teaching department.

Refunds will be made in Australian dollars.

For offers packaged with university partners, the refund policy of that university applies. For more information, visit or