You could be eligible for government funding

Eligibility rules for government funding have changed at Chisholm, and you could now be eligible for a government-subsidised training place, even if you weren’t in the past. This opportunity is only available to TAFE institutions, and not private training providers, so speak to us to take advantage of this limited-time offer now.

What are the changes?

The government-sponsored exemptions are to support students looking to gain quality education and training by studying at TAFE. Up until 31 December 2015, if you were in one of the two categories below, you were ineligible for a government-subsidised training place.

Category 1 – Upskilling, but had a qualification at the same level

For example, if you were starting a diploma but had an existing diploma level qualification or higher  you were ineligible for a government subsidy. The change means you may be eligible for funding for a qualification at the same level as one you’ve already obtained.

Category 2 – Upskilling, but have already done two other government funded courses at the same level in your lifetime

For example, if you commenced two Certificate IVs you would no longer be eligible for funding to study any further Certificate IV qualifications in your lifetime. The change means that you may be eligible for funding for a qualification at the same level as one you’ve already obtained.

Government-sponsored exemptions may be available for those students who pay for a course commencement after 1 January 2018. How do I know if I can get funding for my study?

Funding rules can be complex depending on your circumstances and education history.

The easiest way to find out if you can get a government subsidy is to find your course on the Chisholm website and apply online.  Once you have applied, eligibility officers in our Customer Engagement Team will work through the rules with you to see if you meet the criteria for a government subsidy. We can only confirm this once you have selected a course and we have sighted all your relevant documents.

As part of the extension to eligibility for a government subsidy, Chisholm will give priority to:

  • Long-term unemployed (greater than 12 months).
  • Have been retrenched who have not been issued a referral.
  • Have a qualification issued more than 10 years ago.
  • Are returning to the work force after an absence of more than five years.
  • Are enrolling in a course that leads to employment in an occupation identified in the Australian Government’s “Skill Shortage List Victoria”.
  • Are enrolling in a course identified by the Victorian Department of Education and Training as leading to an employment outcome in an area of skills need.

And if you’d just like some general advice, please call us on 1300 244 746.