Improve your welding techniques to meet welding standards AS1796

​This course is designed for experienced tradesman that need to pass an external test in a welding process to Australian standards 1796. Weld Australia requires each candidate have 40 hours of critique training with an approve delivery centre to undertake the welding test. All material is mild steel 250-350 grade as per procedure.

The entire short course will provide training in the welding process that the candidate wish to sit examination for. Each session will have the candidate practice welding according to weld procedure and will have demonstrations by the assessor on demand and feedback on how to improve welding techniques to be able to meet required welding standards of AS1796.

· Welding tickets 1,2 3E and 4 - welding to AS1796 with manual metal arc welding
· Welding tickets 5 - welding to AS1796 with oxy acetylene welding process
· Welding ticket 6 - welding to AS1796 with submerged arc welding
· Welding ticket 7 - welding to AS1796 with gas tungsten arc welding
· Welding ticket 8G- welding to AS1796 with gas metal arc welding – solid wire
· Welding ticket 8F- welding to AS1796 with gas metal arc welding – flux core

Students must:

1. Current engineering experience in welding with the welding process wishing to sit the examination
2. Minimum of three years engineering welding experience.

Course code
On campus
  • Fees

    Fee: $825.00


  • What to bring
    Welding helmet j
    Work wear - cotton drilled pants and long sleeve shirt
    Safety glasses
    Steel capped boots
    Welding gloves
    Welding jacket .