Complete your Plumbing Victorian Building Authority exam here at Chisholm

After successful completion of the Educational off the Job component of your Mechanical Plumbing apprenticeship and after consultation and recommendation with your senior educator, you will be eligible to undertake the Journeyman’s examination.

This is supervised and assessed by a Licensed Registered Examiner from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) plumbing division.

With the successful completion of the required components you will be eligible to become a Registered Plumber with the VBA.

The VBA regulates plumbing practitioners, plumbing work and plumbing standards to protect the safety and health of people, and the integrity of the water supply. To uphold this objective, the VBA only registers people if satisfied they can carry out plumbing work competently and safely.

The Journeyman’s Examination is by invitation only, on receipt of your invitation from Chisholm you are required to enrol.

Course code
On campus
  • What to bring
    Wear overalls or long pants, safety boots, safety glasses and gloves as directed by the Institute's PPE policy.
    Provide your own tools when undertaking the registration examination.