Explore the world of gluten-free cooking with Gluten Freedom by Chisholm.

Whether you are gluten intolerent, want a move to a gluten-free diet or regularly needs to cook gluten-free meals, this short course will provide you with the skills to support your journey.

There are three options within the Gluten Freedom by Chisholm for the general public - beginners, advanced and pastry.

The Gluten Freedom by Chisholm short courses are designed to increase the appreciation of gluten free cooking at each of the three options.

Beginners is for those who are gluten intolerant or seeking a gluten free diet but have no experience in cooking using a gluten free approach.

Advanced is the next stage in gluten free cooking where the scope of gluten free cooking is extended to more complex utilisation of gluten free ingredients and skills to design and cook menus for larger gatherings.

Pastry will apply gluten free principles to a variety of pastry options so home-made gluten free pastries can be confidently used by those cooking at home.

All courses are five hours and are delivered in Chisholm's commercial kitchens.

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