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Nursing: Health Education and Clinical Laboratory

Chisholm has built a state-of the-art simulation laboratory to train nursing students in situations that are as life-like as possible, preparing them for the real experience of working in the health sector.

This process of helping to manage the transition of students from the classroom to the workplace is part of our commitment to provide organisations in the health sector with employees who are genuinely ready to start work immediately.

The training laboratory was developed, in part, as a response to the industry need for practitioners who can work safely and competently, particularly when dealing with patients who have more complex needs.

Learn and practise nursing skills in a life-like environment

The laboratory includes mannequins that react, talk and provide patheophysiological responses. The mannequins can be programmed into different states of health and enable students to practise their skills in highly realistic situations.

In the high dependency unit, the mannequins even simulate breathing. They are so life-like it can catch the most experienced trainers by surprise sometimes.

To achieve this degree of realism, we work in partnership with Laerdal who provide support with the technology.

To learn more about the health training services, please contact one of our consultants on (03) 9238 8142.