Kiribati fellowship visit May/June 2019

During May and June, the Chisholm International Projects team welcomed fellowship visitors from Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT). The team includes Ms Bannau Tiiata, Deputy Director, Quality, Ms Tareere Kaitara, Head of School Business, Ms Mamere Moneteti, Accounting Lecturer and Ms Tetarae Inatio, Plumbing Lecturer.

Chisholm, under contract with Scope Global on behalf of the Australian Government, partners with KIT to support the delivery of qualifications to Australian standards at KIT. The purpose of the visit was to increase the capability and capacity of KIT leadership and teaching staff to enable development, delivery, assessment and quality management of their local qualifications. The visit included some one-on-one time with relevant educational managers and teaching staff, shadowing of trainers, attendance in classes, professional development and industry visits.

KIT is a leading vocational education and training institute in Kiribati. The Institute has three campuses located on two of the archipelago’s islands and employs 90 staff to service 500 students. It is a government-owned TVET Institute, under a division of the Government of Kiribati Ministry of Employment and Human Resource (MEHR).

KIT offers in-demand awards including qualifications and short courses for trades (electronic, carpentry, automotive and plumbing) and non-trades (business, accounts administration, accounting, ICT, nursing, English language skills, community services and bridging courses). All classes are taught in English, the students’ second language.

Visiting Chisholm and Australia was, according to Ms Moneteti and Ms Inatio, somewhat of a culture shock.

“There are quite a few gaps,” said Ms Moneteti. “But it’s critical for us to see what is being taught here so that we can comply with the Australian standards.”

“We just don’t have the same modern technology and tools like you have,” added Ms Inatio.

Despite the contrasts, however, it has been a positive experience with much to apply in Kiribati.

“We love Chisholm. The people are very helpful and have looked after us, so we feel at home. It’s been great to observe classes and understand how assessments are done here as a team – I’ll take that back home,” said Ms Moneteti.

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