Chisholm will launch the Graduate Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs Alcohol Counselling to address the growing demand for mental healthcare workers.

The post-graduate certificate has been developed in consultation with counsellors, psychologists, academics, policy makers, professional bodies and industry partners using the most up to date evidence base.

With up to one in three people suffering from mental illness, and the growing issues of substance abuse confounding these problems, Chisholm has developed a range of pathways from certificate III to post-graduate level.

Launching in 2018, the degree is ideal for those in the health sector who wish to upgrade their skillset with an accredited post-graduate degree with emphasis on industry placement and counselling, ensuring future healthcare workers meet industry requirements.

Course co-ordinator Ben Allitt, PHD said:
‘We are very proud to be able to provide the fully accredited Graduate Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs Addiction Counselling to students and industry leaders.’

‘This degree is the culmination industry partners and colleagues and is part of a unique pathway to from Certificate III to Graduate Diploma, enabling career success with the ability to support some of the most vulnerable people in society today.’

Philip Cornish, General Manager, Health and Community Care, Chisholm Institute said:
‘We’re thrilled to provide health and community care professionals with an opportunity to up-skill and create better outcomes for those affected with mental health challenges.’

In broadening their Community Services and Development offering, Chisholm continues to respond to the current and future needs of the health and community sector, by taking advantage of emerging research and prevention initiatives relating to mental health.

For upskilling professionals, the course can be completed part time over 12 months.  A degree qualification in a relevant discipline or a diploma qualification in a relevant discipline plus at least two years in the family violence or related sector are required pre-requisites for the post-graduate course.