Our values

Throughout Chisholm you'll find a culture of opportunity, collaboration, integrity and achievement

Opportunity – Making a difference

  • We are encouraged to communicate our ideas.
  • We strive to constantly deliver quality education.
  • We have a workplace that is continually improving, we have the opportunity to travel and make a difference.
  • We respect each others roles and commit to common goals.

Collaboration – Great team

  • We are part of a progressive team working together; we are friendly, understanding and sensitive to our customers. 
  • We care and look out for each other and the community, while delivering great service.

Integrity – A solid reputation

We are forward thinking and have a great reputation. We really want to make a difference.

  • We are confident and consistent with our practices and a trainer of choice.
  • We take ownership and responsibility, focusing on the best outcome for the customer.

Achievement – Great results

  • We are encouraged to grow as a person
  • We are driven to improve delivery and we are rewarded and recognized when we do
  • We celebrate achievements and congratulate others on their success